Top 15 WordPress Themes for Writers
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Specialized WordPress themes for authors will highlight your writing skills in a vivid way. These specific WordPress themes for authors are easy to install, set up and manage. Concrete WordPress themes for authors will fetch full focus of visitors to the content on your sites. These themes are bright and intense, which drive visitors’ attention to content.  Writers WordPress themes feature multiple customization options, which will render your site an ornamental outlook.

Blogdrops Infinite

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Blogdrops Infinite is a premium WordPress blogging theme. This theme has a simple and elegant outlook, which is ideal for business pages, magazines as well as personal blogs. Blogdrops Infinite is solely meant for writers those want to offer their visitors an easy navigable experience across their websites or blogs. Blogdrops Infinite is an ideal writers’ WordPress theme, which can be easily formatted on your writing site or blog.


Newssetter - Writers WordPress Theme

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Newssetter is a vivid WordPress theme meant for technical writers, news writers and industrial writers. The Newssetter WordPress theme is also suited for blogs that highlight social media content. This theme is also quite gadget-friendly. It is an optimized theme that allots a smooth browsing experience on all devices. Newssetter is trendy and suitable for technical blogs, business websites and news publishing blogs.


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Fixed is a writers’ WordPress theme that displays site’s content vividly. It is also good for photo-blogging alongside writers’ blogs. This theme is easy to install and you can alter its settings anytime with only a few simple clicks. You can optimize your writings with multimedia posts like images and videos. Fixed is bright and vivid and draw audience’s focus to your content.


Writer - Writers WordPress Theme

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Writer is a stylish writers’ WordPress theme. It features three custom headers, four background flavors and multiple short codes. The four different background flavors are Leather, Grass, Wood and Fabric. The theme features an auto-click installation module that makes the template easy to install and set up. Writer is a stylish WordPress template that features a customized design, which will present your portfolio to visitors in an attractive way.


Memoir -  Writers WordPress Theme

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Memoir is a stylish writers’ WordPress theme with a creative layout. It is charming WordPress theme. The theme features four different shades, from which you can freely pick up to decorate your site with. It is simple and lets your visitors freely browse through the site.  Memoir is innovative and is unique in its layout. It is suitable for both bloggers and web writers who want to stylize their writings.


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Textural is a premium writers’ WordPress theme. It is vibrant and has enhanced visibility. Textural is creative and easy to browse through. The template features different colors and patterns from which you can pick up to decorate your website. Textural is solely meant for personal and business bloggers. Textural is vivid and renders your website with elegant outlook.


Manifest - Writers WordPress Theme

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Manifest is a modish writers’ WordPress theme. The template features about ten pre-defined skins. The theme also possesses about forty different fonts. The template is organized with a broad layout of 500 pixels. Manifest is a creative but convenient theme for bloggers and web writers. Manifest is modern and features a minimalistic design. Manifest presents a modernistic layout, well-organized to represent writers across the internet.


Melville - Writers WordPress Theme

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Melville possesses a minimalistic design and modernistic layout. Melville features elegant outlook. It is specifically meant for bloggers and writers. It derives sole focus of visitors to a site’s content. Melville is a stylish writers’ WordPress template. It will render your site with an elegant feel. This template makes your site navigable. Melville is simple but still bright and offers users with a smooth browsing experience.


Simpleton - Writers WordPress Theme

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Simpleton features a clean and modernistic design. The theme possesses a modernistic, minimalistic and sleek design. Simpleton is elegant and a good template to keeps visitors’ focus on your site’s content. The theme possesses numerous customization options, which can be altered anytime you want to. Simpleton is neat and customizable; you can simply let your visitors browse through the site with ease and enjoy your postings.


SoftPress - Writers WordPress Theme

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SoftPress is a fresh and modernistic writers’ WordPress theme. The template is charming and allots a broad space to writers to highlight their content. It will exert a dignifying impression on your visitors. This template is also highly optimized so that it opens up smoothly on any electronic device. SoftPress is an innovative WordPress template, targeted to represent writers in a professional manner over the web.


Hartee - Writers WordPress Theme

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Hartee is a technical writers’ WordPress theme. The theme provides multiple features to customize your site with. There are options like new CSS Igniter, localization support, shortcodes, cross-browser compatibility, HTML/CSS3, color variations, custom menus and other supportive features. Hartee features a modernistic design and is ideal to display your site’s content with elegance.

The Style

The Style - Writers WordPress Theme

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The Style is a blogger WordPress theme, which is modern and stylish. The template features secure and valid code, five shades, localization support, browser compatibility and other supportive alternatives. The Style is a unique WordPress theme that is easy to install and manage. The theme is specifically focused on site’s content. The template assures utter comfort in blogging.


Magnifique - Writers WordPress Theme

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Magnifique is a simple and sleekly designed writers’ WordPress theme. It is simple and well-composed without any complex settings. If you want your visitors to focus on your content only, then Magnifique is an ideal theme to be used on your site or blog. The template lets your website or blog perform smoothly without any requirement of widgets, side bars and other complicated alternatives.


Diario - Writers WordPress Theme

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Diario is a conventional and slimly designed writers’ WordPress template. The template features over three hundred patterns and over a thousand icons. Diario is a responsive WordPress template. You can connect your website and blog to instagram and Twitter feeds. This theme is patterned to fetch focus of the audience to your site’s content.


Erudite - Writers WordPress Theme

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Erudite is a simple but vivid writer’s WordPress theme with advanced features and customizable alternatives. You can easily set up this template on your website or blog. It is a smooth template that enables writers to present their technical, business and personal blogs in a professional way.