LeanBiz Theme
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The business support wordpress template creates a simple and clean, yet powerful help desk. Customers are encouraged to check the knowledgebase in order to see that whether their issues have been resolved or not, alternatively they can file support requests. Agents set priorities and delegate tasks to the fellow team members.

A solid ticket system is the backbone of any help desk. In this wordpress template, users can submit their tickets and customers are guided to search the knowledgebase to avoid the duplication of issue reports. The alerts and the messages help you to communicate with your agents and the private information is managed with messages, that functions like a blog but they are only accessible to your own team.

It has a smart dashboard and is packed with features like mobile optimization, custom email notifications, cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3 and recommended third party plugins. This template can convert tickets into knowledgebase items once the ticket has been resolved. It can be done conveniently on the click of a button in this template. The dashboard adapts according to the type of user who are currently using the website. Guests can fill new tickets by submitting the registration forms.