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Boutique WordPress Template

It gives you the provision of opening your own online storefront. This template incorporates some of the best eCommerce plugins available thereby enabling people to use their favorite system without any hassle or difficulties. It is a major breakthrough in technology and it has entirely changed the meaning of wordpress templates.

It has unique features like unlimited color schemes. It works excellently on Firefox, WordPress 3.3, and Netscape and on all the major browsers. It has dozens of fonts, Valid XHTML + CSS, widget ready sidebars and theme options Page. It is gravatar ready and advertisement ready. It has PSD files and is IE8 + IE7 + IE6 compatible.

WordPress Boutique template allows both the consumers and authors to rate each product present in your collection, thus it allows the visitors to communicate with each other as well as with your website. It has the innovative feature of alternate blog layout. So, in addition to the pages that contain description of product you can also run a separate blog section that doesn’t include the product information.

It gives you the provision of automated thumbnail resizing. This will automatically resize the thumbnail images so that only one thumbnail image is required per post. This wordpress template has various background textures and it adjusts with the font colors and the background colors giving the customer endless possibilities. It has advanced features like panel theme options that make tweaking easier for the user.