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This is new decent online web directory wordpress theme/template with all the features, options as a traditional web directory. This theme is modern with unlimited color, font and design options. Features are on par with any web directory software available online. This does a decent job of classifieds where as visitor can log in submit his website details to list on the directory.

Custom form builder is a good option where in you can take as much info as possible regarding the poster or the website such as names, email id, descriptions, screen shot of the website or the company logo which will be shown on the website as a thumb nail.

There is an inbuilt payment gateway with various settings for featured listings as well as normal listings. Basically you make the custom form as you want and charge as much as you want and every thing is handled automatically once the theme is up and running.

Featured listings and recent listings are shown on the home page as well as your category thumbnails and any recent blog posts you have made.

This wordpress template for online directory is an excellent alternative to traditional directory software’s and benefits from easy to use/alter features of wordpress.  This theme is very customizable, you can make it look/ function as you want, even as a traditional looking online website directory.